Riventa Thermodynamic Monitoring Unit

  • High-precision thermodynamic technology
  • For medium to large pumping stations with typical energy consumption of 400kW and above, and where is variable
  • Measures head, power, pump efficiency and flow rate in real- time
  • Suitable for higher head applications

Pump Testing

Our industry-leading FREEFLOW portable thermodynamic pump testing system is an easy to use, self-contained thermodynamic instrument. It is one in our range of pump testing systems designed to measure pump performance characteristics on industrial pumps.

Pump Monitoring

Observe, improve, control performance
Pumping system characteristics typically change with demand and station operation. Through pump station monitoring these changes can be observed and controlled. Often hidden characteristics are discovered that can lead to major improvements in overall operating efficiency and pump lifecycle costs. Results can provide valuable pump data that will make real-time optimisation a reality, and deliver a platform for planning capital expenditure and minimising whole-life costs. Pump monitoring is also able to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, hydraulic failure and premature wear.